And so….. 2013 begins. I’ve touched down in Las Vegas and working through the night; testing, designing, and planning for our product launch for the 2013 AT&T Developer Summit. – The cool surprise is that were in the Keynote 🙂

Moving away from Digital Services – into Product Development has been a huge breath of fresh air.  I acknowledge more now than ever the skills, insights and capacity I’ve been gifted with that makes what I get to do in life even better. 

For now in this season of life I get to delve into technology. I don’t know if I will always work in technology. But while I get to; I am thankful for the partners, funding, brands, and humans that i’ve been surrounded with over the last couple of years that have made what I do even better. 

Looking forward With A Big Thank You To The Crew – Schulz, BlackHeart, & Schei.

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