Venezuela – Mr Capriles Vs. Mr Maduro


I’d like to encourage you to take a glimpse into the messaging that surronds the election in Venezuela and take into account the religious influences, education opportunities (or lack there of), demographics, economic struggles, and overall suppression the people of Venezuela have endured under the rule of Hugo Chavez there just isn’t a more pure or direct campaign message that I could have conceived than that of a spiritual, “Good” vs. “Evil”.

After spending so much of my time creating ideas & solutions around messaging for product or brands, I was just stopped in my tracks with this dead honest, clear and inspiring campaign platform that I think “will just work”.

I see our aspirations here in United States as we take sides and support political parties, campaigns and then candidates, being more influenced and responsive to matters of our society, economics, and prosperity and less being forced to support candidates for the some of the basic freedom of life, death, food, and freedom from persecution that other countries struggle with. When as a citizen you vote carries the impact as it does in Venezuela a campaign messaging platform of “Good” vs. “Evil” can" carry some weight.“

I’m surprised and excite for the people of Venezuela to have this opportunity candidate Henrique Caprile can provide for the people to reclaim control, direction, and character of their nation back. 

You can read about this: here 

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