What i’m learning to build next:

“Low poly” is a polygon mesh rendered in 3D Graphics, with a relatively low number of polygons. (Less is better). 

It’s a challenge of sorts to create an image or a scene with minimal polygons while capturing texture, gradients and deliver a crisp visual appeal. Low poly’s are often used in rough-cut or prototyping 3D animated scenes due to the reduced CPU and decreased render times by using a low count of poly/triangle meshes. From what Iv gathered Low poly art is perceived as an unfinished art piece due to the nature of Low poly’s needing to be completed with further rendering/adding further triangles before being “done”, which in perspective is why if feels more like art to me. 

I’ve seen Low poly used as elements in pieces/visual graphics for some time in mostly composite pieces, but am more interested in full Low poly pieces as referenced above. 

Samples from Dribbble.

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