EVERY Announced as Shoptalk 2018 Startup Pitch Winners

SHOP is now EVERY* (Every instance of SHOP including the title has been changed for brand equity)

John Wantz, CEO of SHOP, pitching in front of the panel of judges at Shoptalk 2018

Earlier this week the EVERY team attended the Shoptalk Conference in Las Vegas, the “world’s largest conference for retail and eCommerce innovation,” according to the Shoptalk website, winning 1st place in the Startup Pitch Competition.

The finalist of the competition consisted of 15 technology companies from around the globe who are building retail solutions, but in the end the judges selected EVERY for its promise in disrupting the retail landscape and awarded us the $25,000 prize.

Watch the video above to see the entire 5 minute pitch our CEO, John Wantz, presenting at Shoptalk, and hear how the EVERY* (formerly SHOP) team is bringing value back to Brands and Shoppers through the decentralization of retail.

For more information about EVERY, check out our white paper, Github, and our new marketplace, Kanga. If you’re looking to become a part of the EVERY community, join our Telegram and say hello!

Our team’s extensive experience in the retail industry enabled us to understand critical Brand and Shopper pain points, and led us to create EVERY as a means to return power to Brands and Shoppers.

Originally published at medium.com on March 27, 2018.

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