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WWD – Women’s Wear Daily: Tech’s Crisis of Confidence

As posted on WWD on April 6, 2018. Written by Adriana Lee and Evan Clark. (Link to original article.) An interview with John Wantz The world is ready to log off — or at least, fed up enough to wish it could. After 20 years at the pinnacle of consumer culture, technology itself is facing a crisis of […]

Amazon Destroys Brands

By John Wantz, December 8th, 2018 Dear Amazon recruiters, please see below: If you’ve looked at Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba and said that it got to be the largest business in China without the collusion of the Chinese Government, you might get laughed at. Similarly, when discussing Amazon, it would be impossible not to claim that […]

Living in the era of post data privacy?

Data Privacy is paramount; breaches, hacks and identity theft are just some of the risks we are all exposed to. The internet put the world at our fingertips. Want to know something? Google it. Want to buy something? Order it online. But with this freedom has come risk. To sign up for brand accounts or […]

Blockchain + User Privacy Use Cases

By John Wantz, April 6th, 2018 The polls and surveys are in: people do not trust large internet companies. In a recent report by Politico and Morning Consult, only 39% of Americans said they trusted Google, while 31% trust Facebook, and a mere 21% trust Twitter. This is particularly startling when you consider that the […]

Blockchain + Retail Use Cases

My thoughts on four use cases that blockchain can directly benefit merchants involved in online retail. It’s been a buzzword we all hear every day, but blockchain is much more than a fad. The technology — which provides the foundation of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more — has the potential to transform the retail landscape, from inventory […]

2X eCommerce Podcast: Decentralize and Give Shoppers Full Control of their Data

Originally published at on March 28, 2018. EVERY* CEO, John Wantz, was featured on 2X eCommerce’s podcast hosted by Kunle Campbell. Listen to John share his thoughts on blockchain, tokenized retail, and the value of EVERY for Brands and Shoppers. Listen here: online, soundcloud, and iTunes. SHOP is now EVERY* (Every instance of SHOP […]

EVERY Announced as Shoptalk 2018 Startup Pitch Winners

SHOP is now EVERY* (Every instance of SHOP including the title has been changed for brand equity) John Wantz, CEO of SHOP, pitching in front of the panel of judges at Shoptalk 2018 Earlier this week the EVERY team attended the Shoptalk Conference in Las Vegas, the “world’s largest conference for retail and eCommerce innovation,” according […]

Why Blockchain is the Missing Piece in Retail

Consumers provide more value to the retail industry than simply the dollars they spend. Many shoppers aren’t aware of the mass amounts of personal information retailers are collecting about — and profiting from — all of us every day. If you shop at a major retailer often, they likely know your age range, style preferences, location, and more. Some […]


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