Charles Schwab – ‘Innovating at scale’

Role: Semantic Design System Owner (iOS Android), Independent UX lead on emerging channels; Apple Watch, Apple Catalyst, Apple Carplay. For the aforementioned areas of impact I owned strategy & planning, journey mapping, low & high fidelity designs, engineering & business stakeholder communication. User testing & Production assets creation.

Cross-Functional Collaboration: I coordinate daily between design leadership (VP and Director levels) and engineering leadership (Android Lead, iOS Principal and Technology VPs) within a scrum environment leading the component level design, archetype creation, and broad design pattern creation within Schwab’s design system. This central role leads to an ongoing demand from peers seeking education, know-how and affirmation on feature, process and pattern design along with continuing to propel me towards leading and executing on the most challenging product design demands across emerging innovation channels and experiences.

Semantic Design System: EVEREST

Emerging channel: Apple Watch

Emerging Channel: Apple Carplay

Emerging Channel: Apple Catalyst